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Mad Max

January 26, 2012

It’s been a while and I have a ton of photos I want to share but I’m still working on how to integrate my photography site and my blog. So not sure how long that might take-hopefully I’ll get it all figured out fairly soon. I’ve had a great time taking pictures for some folks at church and have really loved it. If you want to check out some of the pictures, they are at Since I’m too lazy to move pictures from that site to this blog, I’d thought I’d share some pictures of what is taking most of our time these days….

I know I’m biased, but isn’t he such a handsome dog! This was taken a park that we go to fairly regularly. Max loves it. He’s started obedience classes and he’s pretty much one of the worst dogs in the class. I think maybe he’s just a slow learner.  In the above picture, you can see he’s wearing his e-collar. At first, I didn’t feel good about using an e-collar as it sounds so mean. So before we put it on Max, Elio tried it on himself. And then I wanted to see what it felt like too so I put my hand on it as well. And seriously, it feels like a static electricity “buzz”–not painful at all. Feeling better about our decision to buy the e-collar, we put it on Max and began giving him commands. Let me preface by saying-he knew all the commands we were giving him. He had done each of them tens, if not hundreds, of times.  But he gets a stubborn streak and refuses to listen. When Max chose not to complete the command, we buzzed him. He jumped 3 feet in the air and acted like a total baby. I felt bad for about 5 seconds until I realized that he became a different dog afterwards. He listened to EVERYTHING we asked him to do. AMAZING. Now, we just put the collar on and we don’t even have to use it. He just sees the collar and behaves.  Best. Purchase. Ever.

We did read a ton of training manuals regarding the e-collar before using it so we would know how to properly use it with him. I strongly suggest reading as much as you can before ever attempting to use an e-collar because if not used correctly, I’m sure it could set back a dog’s training. So definitely do your homework before purchasing but it has made a big difference for us.

See how attentive he is:

We’ve totally turned into dog people (which is a HUGE deal for Elio 🙂 ) but with such a sweet dog, I guess it’s hard not to.

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